I Can Give You A Happy Ending
"To quote Miss Swan: just in case you were wondering what I needed it for – here's a rocket, from the goodness of my heart to the lifeless black void that is yours. She also drew herself lobbying flashbang grenades at me to 'brighten up my day'. If she hadn't drawn it in crayon, I would've taken her threats seriously and had her deputy throw her in jail."

| is time traveling with
Emma to cursed Storybrooke


"I know I know… I’d DEFINITELY win American Ninja Warrior. Game to go on the show whenever they’ll have me."

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Leo Fitz Week » Day Three: Favourite Relationship

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One Gifset per episodeSchool Reunion

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Leo Fitz Week » Day Two: Favourite OutFitz

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Song: Heart Of Gold
Artist: Birdy
Played: 2,405 times.

'You think I'm weak because you can tear me apart with the words that you speak.'

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regina did not like this whole co-parenting thing one bit 

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