I can give you a happy ending.
"To quote Miss Swan: just in case you were wondering what I needed it for – here's a rocket, from the goodness of my heart to the lifeless black void that is yours. She also drew herself lobbying flashbang grenades at me to 'brighten up my day'. If she hadn't drawn it in crayon, I would've taken her threats seriously and had her deputy throw her in jail."

| is time traveling with
Emma to cursed Storybrooke

Forever waiting for FRINGE to come back blog

Don’t judge him. No one can be certain exactly what they’re capable of,how far they’ll go to save the ones they love.

Walter: Olivia… And Olivia. You must listen to my voice at all times. It is your connection, your lifeline. I am going to try and guide you through your new and old memories in an attempt to get everything back with Peter’s help.

The Pilot that never was, introducing the blue and the redverse AT THE SAME TIME

[I am so glad that I am lazy and has been putting the idea of this aside for like two months because it was way much easier to make it with the new size limit. Also the scenes are mostly random and still I am sure the fandom can come up with ideas about how it could fit into an actual episode. But don’t ask me how is ‘vagenda’ supposed to be a part of it…]